Monday, 8 November 2010

Hunting Party

"Two flagons to whoever brings me the head of the Warboss" Every Space Wolf in the camp went quiet as they heard the Rune Priest's words. Then, as one, they cheered. The Rune Priest let a smile play across his face, he intended to deal with the beast himself.

This is a 1000 point battle report between Andy's Orks commanded by me and Mick's Space Wolves. We were playing Open War XIV Mission 1 so it was all about controlling quarters. Mick won the roll-off and decided to go first.
Deployment (after Scout moves)
Turn 1:
On the Space Wolf right, the Grey Hunters could see their quarry, the Ork Warboss and moved forward to intercept him and his squad. On the other flank the second Rhino moved up and the Rune Priest got out to add his psychic attacks to the fusillade about to be unleashed on the Orks. The Long Fang Packs managed to bring down the two Deffkoptas while the Grey Hunters opened fire at the Ork Bikers. Due to the dark clouds of dust that surrounded the Bikes and the Painboy's medical skill only a couple of wounds were caused. The Rune Priest also failed to do any damage.
The Orks unleashed a guttural howl the equal of any Space Wolf one as they moved forward. Dakka Guns blazed from the Nob Bikers into the Grey Hunters who had shot them, a couple of Wolves falling. Behind that the large Battle wagon rumbled into action, crashing through trees as it prepared to deliver its deadly payload. The Nobz gunned their engines and crashed into the Wolves. They suffered a wound before they got to hit back but when they did they wiped out the squad and wrecked their Rhino.
End of Turn 1:
Turn 2:
The Wold Scouts arrived but found themselves on the wrong side of the battlefield. It would be along walk if they were going to see any action. The remaining Rhino skidded to a halt in front of the Battlewagon, disgorging its passengers ready to deal Melta death to the Ork warmachine. At the back the two Long Fang packs fired at the Nob Bikers felling three of the creatures. The Meltaguns of the grey Hunters did the trick wrecking the Battlewagon. The Thunderwolf took the opportunity to charge the survivors and though he killed three Orks the rest of the Mob ripped him to pieces.
The second mob of Orks arrived at the back of the battlefield ready to join in the fight. Meanwhile the Warboss and his remaining Nob opened fire at the nearest Long Fangs but failed to do any damage. The Slugga Boyz shot at the Grey Hunters that had destroyed their vehicle but only manged to put one down. They'd have to deal with them in combat. The Warboss easily cut down the 6 Long Fangs and then span round on his bike looking for his next target. The Boyz charged into the Hunters but were cut down in droves. Despite the fact they killed three Space Wolves, they still fled the battle.
End of Turn 2:
Turn 3:
Buoyed by their victory in combat, the Grey Hunters prepared to take on the Warboss himself. As they opened fire with their Bolters they managed to kill not only the 'boss but the Nob as well. The Long Fang pack managed to take out a couple of the Orks who had just joined the battle. This would now come down to whether they could take enough of them out before they hit home. The Orks meanwhile started their long run towards the action.
End of Turn 3:
Turn 4:
The Rune Priest re-joined the squad of Grey Hunters and fired bolts of lightening at the distant Orks. Heavy weapon fire continued to pour into them. Grimly, more Orks stepped forward to take the place of their dead comrades as they continued to run towards the distant foe.
End of Turn 4:
Turn 5:
The Rune Priest sensed what was about to happen - the Orks were getting ready to call one of their infamous Waaghs! He had to slow them down. He closed his eyes and focused his power to create a Murderous Hurricane. As the Orks called their Waagh, they found themselves being cut down by shards of ice. Everytime they moved more of them fell victim. As the remaining Orks made it into combat they were mercilessly cut down. All that remained of the Ork warhost were four Boyz that were still running away. The day belonged to the Wolves of Fenris.
End of Turn 5:

The Rune Priest walked into the feasting tent back at camp. It was emptier than it had been before the battle but the warriors were still celebrating their victory. The Grey Hunters had already been drinking when he approached them and asked who had killed the Warboss. The Priest knocked back a tankard of ale as he watched his men argue. The Long Fangs and Wolf Scouts gathered round watching with interest. They all knew that this was going to end in a fight and they wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

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