Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The baby seal talks...

So having been coerced by the forces of evil, the "baby seal" is going to try his hand at contributing. Well if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

I'm very much the "new guy" to the game and I'm hoping that writing about it will help me understand where I'm going wrong and how I can improve. So to kick off my first post I'm going to start by looking at my game for tomorrow in our club's 1000pt competition. First of all I'm sticking with the list from last week (as advised by Gav), which is shown below.

Space Marine Captain 100pts
Power Sword +15pts
Total: 115pts

Tactical Squad 170pts
Multi Melta +0pts
Flamer +0pts
Total: 170pts

Scout Squad 75pts
Sniper Rifles +0pts
Total: 75pts

Devastator Squad 90pts
Missile x2 +30pts
Lascannon x2 +70pts
Total: 190pts

Terminator Squad 200pts
Total: 200pts

Vindicator 115pts
Total: 115pts

Landspeeder 50pts
Multi Melta +10pts
Typhoon +40pts
Total: 100pts

Rhino 35pts

I'll be deploying everything except the Terminators, which will deep strike. The Vindicator last week didn't even get a chance to move before being taken out, so I'll be looking to protect it by shielding it with the Rhino. The Landspeeder took far too long to join the battle last week in reserve and so will start on the board, I'm hoping this will mean that come turn one my opponent's focus shouldn't be solely on the Vindicator. I'll split the tactical squad, deploying 4 men and the Multi Melta in cover with the Devastator squad and the other 5 will go in the Rhino with the Captain.

The Vindicator only has a relatively short range, and I really want to get the Captain into close combat, so I'll be advancing the Rhino, Vinny and Landspeeder forward together while the rest provide support fire. On anti-infantry duty will be the scouts, the combat squad in the Rhino and the Terminators when they arrive with Vinny filling in if necessary. I must remember that the priority in most games will be destroying troops, the less troops on the board means the more chance of me winning! The Devestator Squad and Landspeeder will focus on anti-armour.

On the first turn I want to go for an aggressive start focusing my attacks on troop choices mainly, hopefully doing enough damage to put my opponent on the back foot. If I'm not going first then I will hold back and attempt to either keep units out of range or at least in cover from the biggest threats. I'm hoping that this will draw my opponent out so that I can spring forward in my turn.

Well there you have it, my first blog post and while it's not exactly a masterpeice, I think it's been of help to me. It's got me thinking about my choices and tactics, their weaknesses and strengths. I'll let you know how I get on and we'll see if writing the blog has made a difference!

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  1. Hi Dave, welcome to the blog! I'm glad this is forcing you to think about tactics. The Vindicator is always going to be a target since it's a threat to anything in the game. I think you'll find the Land Speeder much more successful starting on the board. Make sure you keep it at long range though, only get into Multimelta range as a last result. I think the one change I would make would be a Missile Launcher for the Multimelta in the Tactical Squad. Since you're Combat Squadding them, I think you'll need the range of the Missile Launcher.

    Well, good luck on Thursday, I look forward to reading about how you get on...


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