Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Arena of Death - Lelith Hesperax vs Pedro Kantor

So, in this week's Arena of Death we have one of the newest characters against one of Andy's favourite ones. Now, they're both 175 points but as we all know sometimes you get more than just the character for those points. However, in the Arena of Death, all of the scoring Sternguard in the world aren't going to help you. Just in case you're new, the way this works is we pit two characters head to head in combat and we roll some dice. Anyway, onto the show:

Round 1 - Lelith on the charge

With no gun to shoot, Lelith charged straight into combat. Being a League Apart from the monkeigh, she has 9 attacks on the charge(!) Faster than the eye could follow her daggers darted back and forth, scoring 6 hits. 3 of them managed to wound and Pedro's Iron Halo was unable to save him from being slain.

Round 2 - Pedro on the charge

Dorn's Arrow spoke in a staccato bark, hitting Lelith 4 times. 2 shots were good enough to wound but Lelith was quick enough to dodge one of them. With her immense speed, Lelith struck first as Pedro charged in and charged up his Power Fist. Even though she only had 8 attacks she managed to strike with 7. 4 Wounds were caused and even though Pedro's Iron Halo managed to save one, the other three got through and that was enough for Lelith to be victorious.

2-0 to Lelith then. This was never going to go to a second round of combat as Lelith was either going to take out Pedro or he was going to kill her with his Power Fist. Although, having said that she does take away one of his Attacks and she has a 3++ save in combat. Pedro was a little unlucky in only making 1 out of 7 invulnerable save but this is a pretty brutal demonstration of how good Lelith can be in combat. Plus, we're assuming here that she doesn't have any Pain Tokens. She's going to be a lot more killy if she can get Furious Charge as her big problem is her low Strength. Of course, getting two Pain Tokens is easier said than done. As for Pedro he isn't really designed as a combat monster and he's more of a support character - "no, it's okay, I'll stay in the Rhino giving out my +1 Attack bonus"

So, that's this week's Arena of Death. I've got next week's edition planned but if anyone wants to see anyone go head to head let us know...


  1. Being a Pedro fan, it pains me to see it. That said, I did sort of feel this was a foregone conclusion. Pedro is one of those characters that is more important for what he brings to the army as a whole rather than what he brings to an individual combat. Though Dorn's Arrow is a help when you put him in a smallish unit.


  3. Have you thought about running each set up on a best out of three basis? It helps you to see if it's close or if one character really does dominate the other...

  4. The best way to deal with Lelith is by shooting her. With her only being T3 she's quite easy to Instant Kill although she becomes more survivable in a big squad.

  5. I thought about that last week when it finished 1-1. What I might do is have a decider with neither of the combatants charging.

    This week was actually closer than it looked. I rolled Pedro's dice just for fun both times and he would have won in round 2 if he had survived. So, one 4++ save and he'd have claimed a draw.

  6. I think Pedro works pretty well as a counter assaulting unit especially with his +1A aura. I definitely wouldn't recommend charging him into Lelith and her coven of Wyches.

  7. That sounds like a decent compromise, including a note about what might have been. I like it.

  8. just curious if you got my email? It might of went to your spam...

  9. not just lelith, all DE


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