Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Claws and Fists Heresy

So the Horus heresy led Marine against Marine on Thursday night we saw contributor against Contributor or more specifically I played Gav and Andy in consequtive games in the 1k First Company Veterans tournament.

I'll start by saying I'm not great at battle reports ( the turns meld into one)

I had a bit of a mish mash list.

A rune priest
Living lightening and Murderous Hurricane

A squad of scouts with melta bombs, a melta gun and a plasma pistol.

2 squads of grey hunters
1 9 man 1 10 man
melta guns
Mark of the wulfen
Power sword
Wolf Standard

2 squads of long fangs
a las cannon each and the rest Missile launchers.

which left me with 70 points so I went with a thunder wolf with a wolf claw.

First Game I faced Andy's Blood Angels. Hopefully he will post his list. I'm sure he will agree that he started off with a monumental error that gifted me the game. He reserved everything. His furiso dread came down in a drop pod first turn missed with its melta gun and then got shot with everything I had and promptly blew up. Second turn his jump pack troops and a 5 man squad and a librarian in a razor back came on. The jump troops were left with one man after a murderous hurricane and the squad were now foot slogging and the game continued in this vein with an army being drip fed and shot at.

By turn 6 there was one 3 terminators left. I shot everything at them and 1 remained. No problem, my rune priest should dispatch it but unfortunately he failed. The game ended and It was certainly a case of Andy losing the game rather than me winning it.

So next game and I faced Gav with Andy's Orks (Is this getting confusing yet?) Another game another win and for me it seems like another undeserved victory. This game came down to one thing, the wolf standard. I love this piece of war gear. 17 boys charged me and thankfully my grey hunters cut them down where they stood. After that it was a case of running and shooting until everyone was gone.

So Michael comes out on top in the early stages of the heresy. Where we will be when I am at the gates of the Claws and Fists palace I don't know, what I do know is that if I am going to get better rather than just be lucky although lets not forget Napoleon loved his lucky Generals more than his great Generals.


  1. I'll get you next time Mick! Actually, I really enjoyed our game. I'd love to play you with my Wolves sometime.

    I'm not really sure why Andy reserved everything as it took any potential target saturation away and left the Dreadnought swinging in the wind. I know that it did better in the second game against Gav.

    Speaking of which, your tabling of me will leave you pretty high in the league table. You could well end up playing someone like Gav in the knock out stages unless you're careful...

  2. Im not so sure about that. Surely the seeding will lead to 1st playing last 2nd playing second bottom and so on not first playing second because as you have said that suggests that doing well is not a good thing.

  3. No, they said it was going to be Swiss paired (1st v 2nd, 3rd v 4th, etc) in order to avoid any mismatches.

  4. Thats a very strange way of seeding things for a knock out competition. I may address this with Rob.

  5. That's what Rob said the other week. He was concerned about it not being fair when it came to the knock out stages.

    A better way of doing it may be seeding in brackets so you get some benefit of doing well in the leagues. You might have 1st v 8th, 2nd v 7th etc and then 9th v 16th, 10th v 15th etc


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