Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Lugft von He'stan

I'm planning on taking a Vulkan list to Freebootaz this weekend. I've been having some crises of confidence over the list I posted a while ago as I've been reading the missions and trying to build something which will allign well with all the objectives. I've now decided that this is impossible so I'll probably stick with the original list ... probably.

The only gap in my plan was that I had no suitable painted mopdel to represent the cheese-meister himself ... until now! Gaze upon my latest creation and weep, I give you Lugft von He'stan:

On the subject of cheese a Land Raider that's immune to Melta and has a frikkin' Thunderfire Cannon strapped to it's hull for only 300pts? Yes please I'll take three! Though I like this guy's idea even better!


  1. Good job on the paintwork. It's always a shame when great conversions get dipped. Pleased to see that's not the case here!

  2. The atlas landraider was built for space wolves.

  3. I think I'll put up a post with the original list and some tweaks, sit tight!

  4. Thank you sir, most kind. thouch a hell of a lot of drybrushing was involved!

  5. Looking very nice mate.

  6. You are most welcome. I look forward to seeing more of your work!


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