Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Arena of Death: Tycho Vs Tycho

Can a man defeat his inner demons? Find out in the Arena of Death as Captain Tycho takes on Death Company Tycho...

Round 1 - Captain Tycho on the charge

Tycho levelled his Combi-Melta at the familiar looking face and pulled the trigger. He hit and wounded. Death Company Tycho's only hope was for his Iron Halo to save him. It couldn't and he slumped to the floor, dead.

Round 2 - Death Company Tycho on the charge

Death Company Tycho levelled his Combi-Melta at the familiar looking face and pulled the trigger. He hit and wounded but Tycho's Iron Halo saved him. DCT would have to do it the hard way. Striking first, he hit with three of his five attacks and wounded will all three. Two were saved by Tycho's Iron Halo. Striking back, Tycho also hit three times but could only do a single wound despite a re-roll from his Digital Weapons. However, it got through DCT's Iron Halo, leaving both combatants on 2 Wounds. Striking simultaneously now, DCT hit with three attacks but could do no wounds. Striking back, Tycho hit once and caused one wound which was stopped by the Iron Halo. DCT struck again, hitting twice and causing a other wound. However, it was again stopped by Captain Tycho's Tron Halo. Tycho could do no damage in return and they stayed locked in their never ending struggle. DCT struck twice but needed his re-roll to cause two wounds. One managed to get through the previously impenetrable Iron Halo leaving Tycho on his last wound. Tycho caused a wound from a single hit but it bounced off DCT's Iron Halo. Sensing victory, DCT hit three times and caused two wounds. Only one bypassed the Iron Halo but it was enough to put down Tycho. He tried to strike back with his last breath but missed with all three of his attacks.

Round 3 - No charge bonuses

Tycho swung the Dead Man's Hand three times but could only hit once and that failed to wound. In reply, Death Company Tycho missed with all four of his attacks. Tycho only managed one hit again but this time caused a wound. However, DCT's Iron Halo was equal to it. DCT could also only manage a single hit back and needed his re-roll to wound but Captain Tycho's Iron Halo blocked it. Tycho kept up his form for the round and hit once and caused a wound. Yet again it rebounded from the Iron Halo of his opponent. DCT could only hit once as well but he wounded and Tycho's Iron Halo finally failed him. Tycho hit DCT twice and caused a wound which also got through the Iron Halo. In his anger, DCT hit Tycho three times but could only cause a single wound. Tycho's almost perfect Iron Halo saved him yet again though. Tycho could only manage a single hit but couldn't cause any wounds. DCT hit once and wounded but again it was saved. Tycho hit once, wounded once but it was again saved. In reply DCT hit once but couldn't wound. Tycho again hit once but couldn't wound while DCT hit twice and caused two wounds. One bypassed Tycho's Iron Halo. Sensing the battle was almost over Tycho re-doubled his efforts. He hit twice and with is re-roll caused two wounds. Both were stopped by DCT's Iron Halo however. DCT hit twice but couldn't wound. Tycho hit twice, caused two wounds and they both missed DCT's Iron Halo taking his last wound. His final action was to hit once and cause a single wound. That was enough to finish off Tycho leaving the battle a draw.

Well, it seems that you can't beat your inner demons, you can only draw with them. It was interesting to see two characters enter the AoD who were of an equal points value. However, I thought that the Death Company version would win quite easily once he got into combat since he has an extra attack and better Weapon Skill. Clearly, that can't help with dice as bad as mine though :op In game terms, I think that DCT is harder to use since he's not an Independent Character.

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  1. Venerable Brother19 January 2011 at 19:30

    I love the first Round...melta...dead. How simple.
    Plus, love the random "Tron Halo" that saves Tycho??


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