Monday, 24 January 2011

The old rope-a-dope

Here I am again at the end of another Tournament and I'm please to say that what was looking like a bit of a rough ride on Saturday night had turned into a pretty respectable 32nd (out of 78 players) place finish by Sunday evening. It was great to have the other Claws and Fists guys there over the weekend and the banter was flowing ... just never let Simo show you how much he loves you, you'll regret it ... probably!

If you weren't following me on twitter, here's the quick version of my results over the Weekend.

Day 1

Dawn of War / Seize Ground (5 objectives) vs. Necrons
Destroyer Spam: 11-9 win
Pitched Battle / Capture & Control vs. Daemons
18 Crushers 2 Great Unclean Ones: 4-16 loss
Spearhead / Annihilation vs Daemons
12 Fiends, 4x Monstrous Creatures: 5-15 loss

Day 2

Dawn of War / Capture and Control vs. Imperial Guard
3x Vendetta & 3x Manticore: 7-13 loss
Spearhead / Seize Ground (5 objectives) vs. Imperial Guard
2x Demolishers 1x Manticore - Steel Legion: 17-3 win
Pitched Battle / Annihilation vs. Tyranids
3x Trygon, 3x Tervigon, 6x Hive Guard, 3x Zoanthropes: 17-3 win

So all told, 3 wins 3 losses (though technically it was 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses) and my usual (unintentional) tactic of doing badly early on and then finishing with a flourish paid off again.

In game 1 I was a single model away from phasing out my opponent so had it gone to turn 6 I would have had a 20-0 win which (considering my form for the rest of the day) wouldn't have put me at too much of a disadvantage and the extra 9 points would probably have seen me finishing a fair bit higher.

Enough with the what-if's it was a great tournament weekend, fantastically well run by the ETC Team Scotland lads. I hope they do it again next year because I'll certainly be heading back for it!

If you'd like to see a report of the day from the tournament organiser's perspective, including pics and the nominees for the best painted army award, click here

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