Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Heads Will Roll

Hmm, not really posted much this year. Sorry about that. I've been pretty busy trying to stick to my new year's resolutions (none of which were 40K based) and I've started a new blog which is also not 40K related (and is also top secret so I shouldn't really have mentioned it here!)

Anyway, with just a matter of days to go until my next tournament, I've been frantically assembling models. The first guy started off months and months ago but now he finally has a head:

You've seen a sneak peek of the next guy:

His Combi-Melta is made using this excellent tutorial. Many thanks to Andy for supplying the Infernus Pistol.

Finally we have another Wolf Guard with the Combi-Flamer made here

I've already started basecoating them so they should be finished in plenty of time for Saturday. I'm still a bit worried that I've only played one game with my list. Hmm, might be harder than I thought to beat the rest of the guys on Rankings HQ.


  1. Very cool conversions there (the 1st guy is a rune priest?) and good luck for Sunday!

  2. A gead at last! good choice too!

  3. Do you have any interest in some Wolves? I have about 10 and I do NOT intend to use them. Lemme know!


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