Sunday, 16 January 2011

Contest Anyone...

(Google chose this not me...I just type the word contest)

Greetings Boyz and Grots of all ages. Now that I have your attention with a snazzy title (I'm sure it wasn't the picture) I'll explain a little more...oh and there's a prize to be won!

What I Want

It's fairly simple really, what I want you to do is to write me a 1750pt Dark Eldar list...sounds easy right? Well that's because it is....well ok it's not that easy, there are one or two things to bear in mind.

The Army MUST contain the following:

Warriors (not Trueborn), Wyches (either Blood Brides or Normal but not both) and Reavers

It MAY contain the following:

Hesperax, Duke Sliscus, Succubus, Haemonculus (Normal and/or Ancient), Wracks, Scourges, Raiders, Venoms, Ravagers, Talos, Cronos, 0-1 Razerwing or Voidraven

It MAY NOT contain a webway portal or anything that isn't listed above.

The reason for these restrictions will become clear over time, but for now you have your mission...

How to Enter

To enter all you have to do is post below in the comments a link to your blog or you can send me the list to my email here. Remember to explain why you've chosen the units and a brief over all stratergy for the army.

This will run until 2359hrs Sunday 27th of Feb 2011. Later that week I'll post up the top three lists sent, and explain why I've chosen them and then reveal who will win the prize...

The Prize

Well I haven't decided yet...but it will not be lame. Current thinking is a couple of frames or bag of bits for your army (I have a lot of stuff), a Tyranid Spore Pod made by yours truely (see below) or something else that's awesome.

In any case it will be free, so all it will cost you is 20-30min! Plus the winner will get to see a sneak peek of my next project before anyone else...which is an awesome prize in itself!

So what are you all waiting for. Get to it!

TheBaron Out!

I rolled: 8 (4/4)

As a quick mention, re the Rankings HQ...turns out I'm the best general in the UK with Witch Hunters...funny that I've never so much as touched a Sisters of Battle Mini!..go figure...

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