Monday, 3 January 2011


Well, as I took the last post of the year in 2010 I thought I'd wait for others to have the first of 2011...I'm nice like that.

So now that a couple of days have passed and there are less than 363 days left of this year I thought I better get a move on with making some content. Below I will outline my pledges for this year, some of them hobby related, some of them not...however, I will put them all here for you to read and comment on, but more importantly to judge me on and tell me off if I don't do them so, lets jump right in....

Paint More

Hinted at in an earlier post here my painting last year ground to a bit of a halt after June ish. I did the odd bit here and there but nothing substantial, mainly due to me burning myself out by painting 1750pts of Death Watch (Witch Hunters) in around 2 weeks, and the fact that I bought a beastly new gaming pc and decided to re-install WoW (and towards the end of the year I became hooked on Blood Bowl Legendary Ed)!

Now I'm still going to play those games, there is no escaping it, however I'm going to balance out my hobby time (and add a new one...see below) and stick to my plan. The Plan: it's quite simple really, every Saturday I'll update with at least two photos of what I've been working on that week for you all to see. My aim is to paint 15pts worth of 40k/Fantasy a day. Now this doesn't mean I'll be painting everyday, I dont have time for that but on average per week/month (depending on how things pan out) basis. 15pts may seem a bit odd, but it means that I have 50 days to paint 750pts of Word Bearers for the Doubles Tourny in mid Feb, which seems about right and that has to be done!

At the end of every month I'll update with what I've created that month and you can all judge me accordingly. If I don't hit my target then I shall leave it up to you, the readers, to comment and come up with a suitable punishment for me! Plus, Gav has promised me a reward if I continue to hit my targets...ok, thats a lie, but I'm sure you can all guilt trip him into agreeing!

Play the Cello

A non-hobby one for you all now. I love listening to the Cello, I always have and probably always will. It wasn't until I was watching the final episode of SG1 again over the Christmas period that it struck me, why don't I just bite the bullet and go for it. In the past I've always wanted to, but learning to do something new while moving from Ship to Submarine, keeping watch 8 on 8 off and just generally being moved around by Her Majesty in order to defend the Realm just made it almost impossible

Now, I have no musical background what so ever so I'm basically a blank canvas...I can't even read music. This will be a hard one I have no doubts about that, but I've found a Cello teacher that lives close by and so I'm going to at least try so watch this space for the occasional update.

Get Skills

I'm fairly happy with my level of painting, it's a good table top/above level for the majority of what I produce and have done commission work in the past (that does not mean L33T PRO-PAINTED A+ Ebay stuff), however, due to the above reasons of moving around I haven't learnt anything new in a while on the painting front. I love conversions and I'm constantly improving on that side of the hobby but when it comes to painting I've reached a level and then stopped. So, included in my painting pledge expect to see me trying new colours/techniques that I've never tried. The first will be painting red...sounds simple, but the last time I painted a red mini was before the foundation paints and was way back when in a time called 2nd Ed! Look out for some Bearers of the Word coming your way soon!

Time is Money

Schedual...stick to it....simple as. Another non-hobby pledge here, but without which not the above will not be possible. Its fair to say I've let myself go a little bit (in more ways than one) over the last 8 months in what I like to call my "de-militarisation phase" but thats all about to change! My schedual is all drawn up and fixed in place and I'm going to stick to it (I have a bit of an OCD when it comes to scheduals, once they are locked in they have to stay...maybe my de-militarisation isn't as complete as I thought..). Highlights include the Gym on a Mon, Wed, and Fri, Cello on a Tuesday eve and Geek stuff on a Thursday.


Finally, I'm going to make sure I blog on time. I'm sure Gav will be happy to read that Underdogs will continue this year and be a Thursday feature, but on top of that a Saturday painting progress post as well as an end of the month update will feature highly on all of your reading lists I'm sure.

Well that's what you can expect from me over the next year folks. I'll keep the blog updated with my progress, and hell, some of you may even read it! Feel free to coment below or even post your own New Years Resolutions and check back on Thursday for this weeks Underdogs!

TheBaron Out!

I rolled: 2 (1/1)...great start...

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