Monday, 31 January 2011

A return to the club championship

Only last week I was saying that I thought the club championship had died a death now it seems like its back on and that I had the warm up for it last Thursday.

The club championship pits me against the baby seal of claws and fists in a 1500 points game which will be using the all new scoring format for this years open war.

Poor old Dave took some right stick last week from us all after a fairly resounding thrashing but this week he will have thebaron writing his list for him so I expect to see something a little more cohesive.

Hopefully I can do well and progress to the semis because the club has ordered some very nice trophies


  1. I'll only be writing it if he sends me a list of what he has does however mean that technically he's a better player than Andy, Gav and Graham...

  2. When the tournament has been run 'rob style' I'm not sure it has any meaning

  3. The rankings don't lie! So let's go easy on Dave, he's there on merit and we're not! I'm gutted I missed out on the semi's by one point, but there you go.

    Now then Michael, want to talk about Andy Carroll?!

  4. I'm making an effort to not fall in love with footballers any more, the betrayal hurts too much. He'll do well but he's never worth that money at the moment.

  5. Damn, Andy and I could have played out a really tame draw and both qualified :-(


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