Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Behind the Curve...

If any of you read my New Years Resolution post a couple of weeks ago you'll know that by now I should have 270pts of Word Bearers painted to be on target. You should also have seen two Saturday painting updates, and I should also now be able to challenge these guys on stage...however none of this has happened.

I haven't been idle as far as the hobby goes though. I attended my first Warmahordes tournament, which required me to build and paint a 35pt Cryx infantry force in around 2 weeks plus having only played 3 games prior to this, and not owning the rule book I think not coming last was an achievment! In addition to this I posted Underdogs on time, and have even had people comment!  Oh and I've also been teaching Fudal how to play 40K for a tournament he has coming up this weekend.

However, I still have the Doubles in Feb so the deadline is looming. Here is the current state of the army:

Daemon Prince - Built
Chosen - Built, Undercoated and Based
Chaos Marine Squad- Built, Undercoated and Based
Rhino - Built
1 x Rhino, 2 x Obliterators- Unbuilt

Secret Project Test Mini that has nothing to do with current project - Built, Heavily Converted, Undercoated, Based (I think this might be the problem)

In any case, that's how things currently stand re the Word Bearers. There will be photos of them this Saturday, I'm not sure in what state, but there will be something! I may however change tack on the painting points per day front. I saw on a blog a little while ago (sorry cant remember where) but it was along the lines of 1pt per Infantry, 2pt per Large Infantry, 5pts per Bike/Cavalry, 10pt per Vehicle and I'm tempted to move to something along these lines as it then makes things easier working out my target if I jump from 40K to Fantasy/WarmaHordes.

Well thats all for now Boyz and Grots...but don't for get to check out my contest here.

TheBaron out!

I rolled: 9 (5/4)


  1. thank you sir. May I have another!

  2. Yes...on Thursday...I'll go easy on you and use some flash gitz


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