Friday, 21 January 2011

To war my brothers

So as Darren has pointed out were all off to Maelstrom this weekend (minus the baby seal who never blogs anyway).

My two warm up games for the Caledonian Open went well playing two Grahams.

Graham 1 had a Imperial Guard army with 3 Vendettas, a couple of Leman Russ Demolishers and plenty of troops, in the end we finished on turn 5 when I really needed another couple for the table but using the Caledonian Open scoring system I gained 18 to Grahams 7.

Graham 2 (our very own Graham) had his Chaos Space Marines, the game was adraw in the end and the victory points were stacked in my favour however I never knew he was so sneaky, there I am sat on the objective and up comes Graham to tank shock me and park on the objective. We ended on turn 5, turn 6 could have very well given Graham the win while turn 7 would have probably given it to me.
It was a stange game but a good event.

Tonight I will have a recce to make sure I can find the place and probably go out for some tea at the same time and tomorrow we will get into it.

This will be my first two day event and I am inclined to believe that its going to be knackering but plenty of lager will see me through it I'm sure.

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