Monday, 17 January 2011

The bird is the word!

Just thought I'd mention that I'm on "the twitter" now, I'm not exactly sure why but I do like to follow some of the hosts of my favourite podcasts on there. I also posted my first "tweet" this evening and even have a follower, how odd!

I expect I'll tweet about 40k and geek-related stuff more often than not so if you'd like to follow me I believe you can find me on there as fudal78.

Also in the spirit of "spreading the word", if you're a frequenter of forums and would like to promote our humble blog then all you need to do is copy and paste the following text into your signature:


This will create a snazzy little banner in your sig, which links directly back to this very blog, after every post you make.


  1. I hate you Andy, I now have that song in my head.

  2. You got one more follower now :D
    And I will add the banner shortly to my blog.

  3. It's a bit too wide for blog sidebar usage at the mo, I'll knock up something a little more compact if you like.

  4. BA BA BA, um ma mow mow, BA BA um mow m-mow

  5. Em, I made it at width=200px so it fits my sidebar along with my other banners. However it's a bit small now. Can you make something that's taller but narrower? Like:


    or something?

  6. I love Family Guy. Well no.47...I guess I should bow to your greatness and "follow" all I need to do is set up a twitter account...

    Right, of the watch Blue Harvest anyway....


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