Thursday, 13 January 2011

New years greetings

I know I've been really lax with blogging so far this year. A combination of poisoning by an assassin disguised as my mum (profiteroles her choice of vector) and an incredibly busy period with work has halted my musings in the world of toy soldiers.

Santa of course came to visit me. I was very happy that he dropped off the Achilles that I ordered which was promptly cobbled together ready for Graham's winter apocolypse. I have to say it was a machine. Being a wolf player I had never used a thunder fire cannon before, what an under rated unit. I know Andy likes it and I can definitely see why.

However my blog today isn't about the joys of the Achilles but the attitudes of some gamers. Following the game I had saw a post on Warseer from a new player asking people what they thought was better a Thunderfire cannon or a Whirlwind. After a very fun game with my Achilles I suggested to the lad that why not had the protection of a Whirlwind (and more). The reply I got not from the OP but someone else was certainly a little short. 'Yeah you could if you want to be a power gamer. You should read the book how to lose friends and alienate people' Which brings me to the point. Are people really that bothered about playing against perceived tough armies or units or is that not what the games about?

WAAS players is a phrase bandied about a lot on the internet. I can honestly say I have never come across one of them in real life but I'm not sure if I would be that bothered. Sure if the bloke was either blatantly cheating or being rude during a game it would effect my enjoyment however if someone has the best list that they can right am I really going to start moaning about it? Do footballers moan when they come up against someone equipped with better talent to outplay them?

Is at times the cry of WAAC players something to cover up inadequacies involving this hobby we have?


  1. The problem is that not every gamer is looking for the same thing from a game of 40k.

    There is the person who wants to field the hardest list, with the most effective units and plays the hardest game to win. There is also the person who looks for narrative, story and wants to be immersed in it where the victory is entirely unimportant. The problem can be both these extremes have little common ground. Both camps generally don't understand each other and are guilty of mocking each other with 'competitive' players saying things like the above football comment and 'soft' players complaining about their counterparts' WAAC attitudes.

    There are then the players who fall somewhere in between those extremes which makes it all the more difficult.

    I honestly think that to get the best enjoyable experience from 40k is to play against players of a similar mindset. Easier said than done of course, but most gaming groups will have a mix of both extremes and generally you will be able to tell which side they're on.

  2. I'm going to put your mum in the Arena of Death with her 2+ poisoned attack!

  3. you'd have to write an Arena of Death though...


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