Friday, 14 January 2011

This years pledge

A couple of weeks ago someone blogged about an outstanding google document they had produced that actually tracked your gaming progress over the year with regards to multiple systems and with painting and assembly. (If anyone remembers it and can link it I would appreciate it)

So my pledge for this year is to update it at least weekly.
So far this year I have had 2 games a win and a draw and have assembled 2 missile launcher marines and a razorback but I haven't painted anything. Tomorrow will be a big painting session to just get a couple of things finished for the open next weekend.

A secondary pledge after Andy guided me there last night is to improve my rankings on Rankings HQ. After my one tournament outing which was a little disapointing due to the circumstances I lie in 344. With 4 tournaments that I plan to attend this year I hope to improve that at into the top 150.

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