Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Highway of Death - Kor'sarro Khan vs Wazdakka Gutsmek

Get your motor running, head out on the highway...

Sometimes the Arena of Death just isn't big enough and in this week's case, it wouldn't do justice to our two bikers...

Round 1 - Wazdakka on the charge

Gutsmek opened fire with his Dakkakannon at the Space Marine Captain. Scoring two hits, he managed two wounds. Khan failed one of his 3+ Power Armour saves and was instantly killed.

Round 2 - Khan on the charge

Kor'sarro squeezed off two shots from the Twin-Linked Bolters on Moondraken, hitting twice but failing to wound the Ork. Opening the throttle on his Bike he charged into combat. He caused three hits but could only do one wound. Blooded but unbowed, Gutsmek powered up his Klaw. Hitting twice he caused two wounds. Khan's Iron Halo failed to stop either and so he was cut in half by the Warboss.

Well, that was quick and bloody. I'd hoped that we'd see Moonfang's kill on a '6' special rule but it just wasn't to be. I'd also hoped that it would last a bit longer, giving the impression of a race to the death - a sort of cross between Ben Hur, Tron and Mad Max 2. Like most of the Space Marine characters, Khan is more notable for what he brings to the army rather than what he actually does himself. Being able to Outflank your entire army and gaining Furious Charge for a Command Squad on Bikes is a really nice bonus. Wazdakka I've never seen so I'd love to hear if anyone has been using him to lead their all bike Waaaghs!

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