Wednesday, 5 January 2011

They mostly come at night ... mostly.

There's been a fair bit going on on the Tyranid fron here at chez-Fudal. Over Christmas I treated myself to a couple of Carnifexes to add to the slow accumulation of bugs I had been managing to sneak past the wife via eBay. I also bought a Valkyrie a while back with the intention of converting it into a Storm Raven which just never happened. As it was still sealed I took it into GW to trade up towards the 'fexes, this combined with a £20 gift voucher from my brother meant that the MC's cost me only a single English Pound ... not too shabby!

In my recent experience I have discovered that building Monstrous Creatures is fun ... though they do bite back!

First off I've done a couple of simple conversions to make my Tervigon and Hive Tyrant. My skills with putty are extremely limited (some would say non existent) so I managed to get hold of some old tyranid terrain pieces which I filed and cut down so they would fit on to the sides of a Carnifex torso. In order to make the pieces look a bit more like they belonged on the side of the 'fex I rolled out a thin sausage of putty and wrapped it round the edge of the scenery pieces I was attaching and used a sculpting tool to try and blend the putty in with the model. The result is less than awesome but I think it'll pass once it's painted.

Here are some pics:

Next up is my Hive Tyrant, tricky one this, I just took a Carnifex kit and put the torso onto the legs upside down! Genius or just too simple? As with the Tervigon I'm not going to attach the arms until I've painted the body and I'm probably going to magnetise them as well.

Again here's pic:

Lastly for the conversions are mu Hive Guard. These are just Tyranid Warriors with Carnifex armour plates attached to their backs and converted heavy weapons with what I think are Flesh Hooks attached to the barrel. Perhaps a bit low-rent but I think they look serviceable and are a damn-site cheaper than the metal ones!

That's it for the clever stuff but here's some more pics of the rest of the swarm so far:

My first of two Mawlocs, this is the guy I injured my finger making ... scalpels are sharp kids!

Two units of six Genestealers, I'm thinking of these purely as Broodlord delivery vehicles.

I'll share the list I have in mind with you later on, but I figure I've posted so many 'nid lists in the last few months you're probably all sick of it so I thought it'd be better to show some actual physical progress on an army. Hope you like!


  1. They look good. I especially like the Tyrant. Very effective yet simple conversion. Tervigon's not too shabby either!
    " had been managing to sneak past the wife via eBay"
    Tut, tut, tut! I did the same thing actually the other week (from GW though). But God punished me and my order is still not here :(

  2. simple is key, they look good.

    also, love the title, hope that hive tyrant gets its chance to thrash a valkyrie someday


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