Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Arena of Death - Commissar Yarrick vs Ghazghkull Thraka

So, the first Arena of Death of 2011 is this classic between these two hated enemies. With a whopping 40 points between these two characters, it should be pretty one sided but as we know that's not always the case in the Arena of Death...

Round 1 - Yarrick on the charge

Yarrick squinted and fired both his Bale Eye and Bolt Pistol at the hulking Ork in front of him. Only the Bale Eye hit but Ghazghkull shrugged it off. The two combatants both activated their Power Klaws and swung at the same time. Yarrick only managed two hits and even his re-rolls couldn't improve that. However, he did manage to cause two wounds both of which evaded Ghazghkull's Cybork body. Swinging back, the Ork Warlord hit Yarrick four times and caused three wounds. However, one of those wounds was deflected by Yarrick's Forcefield. Yarrick swung his Power Klaw again but this time could only hit once. It was enough to cause a wound but Ghazghkull's Cybork body saved him this time. Striking back, only two of the Ork's five attacks were successful. One wounded and Yarrick's Forcefield couldn't save him this time. Ghazghkull laughed and started to walk away, he had finally bested his nemesis. It was the Bolt Pistol shot thudding into his armour that made him turn around just in time to see the Commissar back on his feet and charging. Fighting through the pain, Yarrick failed to hit at all in combat. In reply Ghazghkull hit four times and caused four wounds. Even though one bounced off the Forcefield, Yarrick was put down again. This time Ghazghkull watched him get back up. He could see the murderous intent in the human's eye as once again the Bolt Pistol and Bale Eye failed to wound Ghazghkull. Yarrick once again only managed one hit in combat but thanks to his status as an Inspirational Hero he re-rolled the three missed and hit with them as well! All four wounded and even though two were stopped by Ghazghkull's Cybork body, two got through which was enough to finish him off. With his last breath, he hit Yarrick three times and caused three wounds. Both of them fell together. The last thing Ghazghkull saw was Yarrick standing up again.

Round 2 - Ghazghkull on the charge

He raised his eyes skyward and Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, prophet of the Orky Gods, let out an almighty Waaagh! Unleashing 7 attacks, he hit with just 3 but they all wounded and they all bypassed Yarrick's Forcefield. The Commissar could only manage one hit and one wound in return but that was easily saved by Ghazghkull. However, that was not enough to keep Yarrick out of the fight as his Iron Will got him back up again. Yarrick caused a wound with his pistol but Ghazghkull, filled by the righteous power of the Waaagh shrugged it off. Yarrick hit with two attacks in combat, both of which wounded and both of which bounced straight off Ghazghkull. The Ork struck back hitting three times and wounding twice, putting the Commissar down again. Yarrick, however, did not know when to give up. He failed to do any damage with his shooting but after re-rolls managed 4 hits with his Power Klaw. He caused three wounds but one was stopped by Thraka's Cybork body. Four hits came back in reply, causing three wounds although one was stopped by Yarrick's Forcefield. Yarrick stood up again. Ghazghkull couldn't believe his eyes. Yarrick hit with three attacks and caused a single wound, leaving the Warlord on just one. The Ork only managed to hit with two of his attacks but caused two wounds. Even though one was once again stopped by Yarrick's Forcefield, it was enough to put him down again. This time for good.

Round 3 - No charge bonuses

Hitting simultaneously, Yarrick hit with all three of his attacks and wounded with all three too. Thraka's Cybork Body saved one though and he was left on two wounds. Striking back, Ghazghkull hit four times and caused three wounds after the Forcefield re-rolls, enough to put Yarrick down. But not out. The old Commissar staggered to his feet. Failing to do any damage shooting, he charged into combat. Hitting four times and causing two wounds, left the Warlord on his final wound after one was deflected from his Cybork Body. Despite only managing two hits from his five attacks, Ghazghkull caused two wounds and put Yarrick down again. This time for good as the dice showed a 1. Ghazghkull had been successful in the Arena of Death

Wow, that was close! Yarrick was two dice rolls away from winning rounds 2 and 3. In fact, just for fun I rolled his two charges after dying and both times he took Ghazghkull's remaining wound. I thought Necrons were bad but that 3+ Iron Will that Yarrick has is awesome. It must be gutting to put him down time and time again only to have him stand back up. Ghazghkull meanwhile is an absolute beast especially on the charge. You either need to take him out before he Waaaghs or try and ignore him for a turn because you won't stop with a 2++. Anyway, here's to an exciting 2011 in the Arena and hopefully some new codices with new characters in so we can pit them all against each other...


  1. I thought AoD was a Wednesday feature....? :p

  2. I've just started a new series on my blog about orks so I linked back here.

    Still loving AoD. Has Abaddon had a go yet?

  3. Friggin Awesome.

    I think this is honetly the AoD I was waiting for. I love both of the characters, and always wondered how they stacked up. I think with the number of forcefields, rerolls, saves, etc. This could go either way regardless of who charges. You just can't say that about many matchups.

  4. I love both these guys so this is going to be a fight to remember. That Iron Will can give Yarrick the edge he needs to win if you roll well enough on his "get up" roll. Buth Thraka is a might war beast indeed. I've seen him fighting firsthanded and I must say he is almost unstoppable.

  5. Brilliant!

    I'd have thought that Thraka would have munched the little guy. It's good to know they're so evenly matched. That little follow up was brilliant!

  6. The Wolf's Lunch5 January 2011 at 06:45

    100 replenishing Grots vs a Thunderlord with a Wolf Claw and Warrior Born. Each turn 100 grots.

  7. Not yet. I've got something a bit special planned for march so I'm saving him for that...

  8. I was surprised by how close it was. Yarrick's Iron Will just makes him so hard to kill


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