Saturday, 1 January 2011

Postcards from the edge ... of the table

Happy New Year all!

You may have read in an earlier post that Gav, Mick, Graham and I played a large (12,000pts) game just before Christmas, hopefully you've read Gav's overview here but I was the one holding the camera and here are a few of the snap-shots I took:

Graham and my forces deployed, attacking the walls.

The Wolves cower behind the defences of their outpost (Bjorn is in the bottom right of the Pic and Njal is in the unpainted Land Raider furthest from the front of the pic)

A close-up of Mick's Thunder Wolves backing up the Blood Claws in their Land Raider.

A view from the ramparts.

This is the top of turn 2 you can see a crushed beer can representing a wrecked Drop Pod to the right of the picture, in the centre is Gav's Venerable Dread, responsible for wrecking Graham's Defiler, being assaulted now by Mephiston. My two (yellow) Drop Pods have dropped trying to impede the advance of Mick's Land Raider and Thunder Wolves.

This is just a slightly better angle on the previous pic, I included it because Mick's in it, and you can see Bjorn cresting the rubble on the left of the picture!

Land Raider, Thunder Wolves but no Drop Pods or Tactical Squad ... how curious! You will notice a couple of wound markers on the T-Wolves though, Mick could not buy a save against a hail of Autocannon shots from my Rifleman Dreads. In the background we have the legendary Bugmans Bar and the equally legendary Claws and Fists contributor "TheBaron" in the yellow and blue top.

Deep striking and out-flanking behind enemy lines my Death Company lead by Lemartes (still in light grey primer to the right of the Pic behind the crates), my DC Dread in a Pod and my Baal Predator all manage to show up together and accomplish very little indeed over the next few turns. I was unexpectedly disappointed by this.

A Bjorn's-eye view of the battle-field. This is where he spent most of the game, stun-locked but very much alive.

A close up of the Great Wolf and Mephiston. You may not be able to see the brave Long Fang Sergent blocking Meph's approach to Logan but after our last encounter (see here) I wasn't taking any chances!

Late in the game now and we can see about a third of Graham's forces camped out on an objective roughly 4 turns of movement away from the action ...

A lone Sanguinary Novitiate faces down two Thunder Wolves while behind him about 20 Khorne Bezerkers try to extricate themselves from a crater before the Frag Missiles come flying in. Sadly they are not quick enough!

That's about all I got, sadly I didn't capture the moment Mephiston died trying to take out a Land Raider. Even more sadly though Gav did, as I said earlier his version of events can be found here.

All in all I enjoyed the game and am looking forward to the next one. did I hear a 1500pt per player challenge being laid down to Graham and myself? Bring it on!


  1. Wow, a battle of truly epic proportions indeed! Very nice pics too. The armies look great on the tabletop. The scenery is awesome too. How I wish my FLGS was Warhammer World too :( Can you guys play there, like, any day of the week?

  2. Where'd Mick get those great thunderwolves?

  3. Check out his post here:

  4. Quote:

    the equally legendary Claws and Fists contributor "TheBaron" in the yellow and blue

    Damn you for catching me "on film" am I supposed to remain elusive and one step ahead of the feds now. However, check this photo in 10yrs and I bet it's gone all Dorian Gray!

  5. Much appreciated. Now that I see it again, I remember reading that one.

  6. Our club day is on a Thursday and thats meant to be just us from 6-10 although there are normally a few others in there. But other than that any time it is open anyone can book a table or grab one of the unreserved ones.

    It is a bit of a privilege to be so close.

  7. Does that make Andy Basil and me Lord Henry?


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