Friday, 29 October 2010

Back to the drawing board

Well, back to the stationer's to get a whole new drawing board.

After our uber-list got trashed we've decided to go back to the drawing board. Even though we made some mistakes and were unlucky with the dice, it made us realise that running a dual hammer list probably isn't going to be that viable. Plus, from a personal point of view, I wasn't really that keen on doing a load more painting after have spent the last month or so getting my army ready for Open War. Hence, we need to put together a more balanced list based on the models I already have.

Andy has come up with two more potential lists:

Codex: Space Marines

Librarian, Gate of Infinity, Null Zone

Dreadnought, Twin-Linked Autocannon, Twin-Linked Autocannon

5 Scouts, Camo Cloaks, Sniper Rifles, Missile Launcher

8 Scouts, Combat Blades, Power Fist, Melta Bomb

Land Speeder Typhoon

Land Speeder Typhoon

Thunderfire Cannon

Obviously Andy is a big fan of the Thunderfire Cannon and I can't really argue when he points out that against a horde on a 4x4 board, it will be almost impossible to miss. Meanwhile the Libby goes with the Snipers and teleports them to a scoring position late in the game. The other Scouts Outflank while the rest of the army supplies long range support.

I'm a bit worried that the snipers will probably only get two turns of shooting before they get assaulted but we'll see how they go. I would suggest some Thunder Hammer Terminators but the way Andy was rolling his 2+ saves on Thursday, it's probably best if they stay on the shelf.

Codex: Blood Angels

Reclusiarch, Jump Pack

5 Death Company, Jump Packs, Thunder Hammer, Infernus Pistol

Death Company Dreadnought, Blood Talons, Drop Pod

5 Scouts, Combat Blade, Power Fist

Baal Predator

A more in your face list this time. I like the fact that it comes at you from all directions at once, although having only one scoring unit is a bit of a concern.

Now, I came up with a list I really liked:

Rune Priest, Chooser of the Slain, Living Lightning, Murderous Hurricane

Lone Wolf, Terminator Armour, Storm Shield, Chainfist
5 Wolf Scouts, Melta Gun

Dreadnought, Twin-Linked Autocannon, Twin-Linked Autocannon

5 Grey Hunters, Plasma Gun, Rhino

5 Grey Hunters, Meltagun, Razorback, Twin-Linked Lascannons

5 Grey Hunters, Meltagun, Razorback, Twin-Linked Lascannons

I was trying to decide between the Lone Wolf and the Scouts when I realised that the list would be illegal with either of Andy's lists. You need to have a selectition in each of the FOC slots before you can take a another. Hmm, so either Lone Wolf or Scouts or Dreadnought. I like the Lone Wolf as he can be a right PITA to kill, especially for small squads. The Scouts are brilliant on such a small board as they can present a threat anywhere. On the other hand the Dreadnought offers light vehicle popping at range and can tie up units in combat. I'm also torn on whether to take Lascannons or Assault Cannons on the Razorbacks.

Sienfeld was famously described as a show about nothing and this post feels similar as I don't feel any closer to actually coming up with a list I'm happy with. Each of the three here have parts that I'm happy with but it's a fool's errand trying to make a doubles list in a vacuum. I think we need to get together and hammer out something we're happy with and then test, test, test.


  1. Thinking about what made our list decent while not great I think it played to the strength of each army. For Space Wolves I think Long fangs are a must. Even just 5 ML's will cause issues with most armies at 1500 points. I know you aren't a fan but for the Grey Hunters I would go with then man plasma toting squads to deal with 2+ enemies. A lone wolf with terminator armour and a a chain fist is sound thinking but I would go with the two dogs for two extra ablative wounds than a storm shield although I can see the rationale.

    I'm not keen on Andy's BA list, I think it is a little mixed up, Baal preds are great for getting in the enemies face but unfortunately with just one it could be isolated too easy. GTG for a hair cut but more thoughts will follow, I will post our list later.

  2. The BA list is risky, it relies on the Death Company getting in range mostly intact by Turn 2 and the Baal Predator is in the list to ktake the heat off the Dear on the turn it drop s in, the Baal's scout move will allow it to support the Dread on Turn 1. I think we're best off sticking with our previous lists though

  3. I think that we're trying to be too clever. If we come up with a balanced force then we'll do alright.

  4. Does the Lone Wolf and his dogs act like a mini squad? I'd worry that 3 wounds from Bolter fire would kill both dogs whereas I'd fancy my chances as making 3 2+ saves especially with Feel No Pain


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