Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Making Your Mind Up

I always intended most of the blog titles here to be the name of a song. Ideally, all of these would be obscure garage bands like The Sonics or The 13th Floor Elevators or unheard of indie like Camper Van Beethoven or The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. This week was going okay with Harry Nilsson and Shuggie Ots and yet, here we are with Bucks Fizz. Shoot me now.

Anyway, I'm piggy-backing onto Andy's earlier post to express my panic that I only have 5 days left to submit my final Open War list to the Tournament Organiser. In general, I'm very happy with this list. However, there are three things I keep thinking about tweaking:

Psychic Load Out

Living Lightning is a given - D6 S7 shots at BS5. It's the second power that I've been thinking about. Murderous Hurricane has always done well for me - making a unit move as if it's in Difficult and Dangerous Terrain is golden against hordes and can even do damage to heavy infantry. Jaws of the World Wolf is really situational, against some armies it can do untold damage, against others not so much. However, with a bit of luck you can take out key members of your opponent's army. With luck and good positioning you can take out a squad of Thunder Hammer Terminators or Nob Bikers and there's not much in the game that can do that. However, I expect MEQ to be the most popular lists at Open War and it's only a 1 in 3 chance of removing a Marine. The thing is my mind keeps going back to the game where it took out a Hive Tyrant, 2 Tyrant Guards and a Zoanthrope it one turn - when it works, it works big. The last power I've been thinking about is Tempest's Wrath. It's useful against any army with Deep Strikers and anything with lots of Skimmers and I know that quite a few Daemon players have signed up and there will probably be a few Blood Angel jump lists too.


Watching Andy's Twin-Linked Autocannon Dreadnought in the last couple of weeks has made me think, "I'd like one of them" However, the point of my Dreadnought is to hold up a large enemy squad in combat. Still, I could drop the Saga on my Rune Priest and upgrade my Dread to have one Twin-Linked Autocannon. I like Saga of the Beastsalyer because it makes Living Lightning that much better against Monsterous Creatures and Bikes. However, having two more S7 shots could definitely help against Razorspam plus he's lost none of his combat capabilities.

Lone Wolf

I also keep thinking about swapping the Lone Wolf's Thunder Hammer for a Chainfist. Unless he's going up against something that's natural T5 or above it's the same. However the Chainfist is a lot more useful against vehicles. Against T5+ causing a wound means that your enemy drops to I1 with the Hammer and the model does look very cool with the Hammer. Rule of cool wins?

Choices, choices...


  1. I think chainfist is the better option for the lone wolf. But are you expecting to face more mech lists or a lot of Tyranids/Daemons in the tournament?

  2. I know that there are quite a few Daemon players who have entered and Andy said that there were a lot of Daemon lists at the last Open War six months ago. I still think that there will be a lot of mech lists though. It's a tough call.

  3. I still think that your chances of killing a vehicle are still higher than killing a greater daemon or a daemon prince though.

  4. I tried the Chainfist last night although I didn't actually get him into combat with any vehicles lol. If I can model up a Lone Wolf that I like the look of over the weekend then I think I'll go with the Chainfist though.


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