Friday, 22 October 2010

We need to talk about Vinny

My Vindicator has not exactly been a roaring success in the last couple of weeks and I think it's time for a last minute tactical re-appraisal of its role. In my first couple of test games I started with it on the board and found that it normally got taken out in turn 1 as everyone is scared of that S10 large blast template. Then I had a bit of success with keeping it in reserve as this can protect it for the first couple of turns and when it comes on there is usually something in range. However, I'm still too aggressive with it no matter how I deploy. If I'm lucky I get two shots off. Now, do I take this as a good thing, stick the Vindi out front as a mobile AV13 bullet catcher that protects the rest of my shooting elements? Or do I hide it out of LoS and try and use it purely as area denial?

I actually think that there aren't any hard or fast rules about this. Against a primarily close combat army I'll probably be as well to hide it if possible or else keep it off the board as it's a deterrent to the enemy getting too near (even though in two of the Open War missions they have to get near) Against a purely shooty army, it's tempting to start it on the board and let it protect the important bits of my army.

I can't believe that I've still not locked down its mission this close to the tournament. However, I'm also perfectly aware that it is just a placeholder until the Thunderwolves coming out (I promise I'll stop moaning about them at some point!) In the end I need to take the view that it's there to make my opponent make bad choices and if it kills anything then that's a bonus.


  1. You lost your chance to call the post "My cousin Vinny" :P
    Well I've never been a huge fan of Vindicators. I always thought that Predators were the better heavy support. But if your opponent keeps shooting at it until it takes it out then it's a very very good thing and it can really work to your advantage. I personally shoot against transports first but I guess there are many players that get scared by a S10 template. Since you have the dozer try to keep moving in and out terrain all the time and make the most you can out of cover saves.

    Edit: Spelling Mistakes. Sometimes re-reading my posts is very painful, I wonder how people make sense of them :P

  2. I've generally been pretty disappointed in mine. I rarely get many shots off, and when I actually have good targets like a bunch of termies or nobs it always feels like it scatters off. I feel I'd probably be better off with just another bunch of guys with bolters and warm bodies.

  3. Remind me to steal 'My Cousin Vinny' for my next Vindicator post :-)

    Hopefully it will prove to be a distraction while the rest of my army does its job.

  4. Mine did exactly the same last night - two shots, one scattered to hit one guy out of a squad of five Tactical Marines and the second scattered off a Land Raider. Sad panda.

  5. Personally I think with vindis if you want one take two!

  6. Yeah, one is too easy a target. I really like the Long Fangs though so it's a bit of a dilemma. I'm a bit worried by all of this poisoned shooting that the Dark Eldar are bringing so the Fangs may take a bit of a break for two Vindis and a Pred...


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