Sunday, 10 October 2010

Million Dollar Army?

Dave Taylor's Legio Custodes Army has just sold for $3800 on eBay which was a little too rich for my blood. I just had to stop bidding once it was past the $3000 mark or my wife would actually have killed me (j/k)!

It was all for a good cause which you can read about here. Congrats to the buyer who is getting a beautiful and unique army and contributing to a very worthwhile cause; and a big thumbs up to Dave Taylor for being an all-round decent human being and a pretty spectacular hobbyist!


  1. I agree. Shows that the warm and friendly community that exists at the local level and in our clubs can extend out into the internet community :)

  2. Ah, if only I'd won the Euro Lottery roll-over...

    Then I would have bought GW and forced them to release Thunderwolf Cavalry!

    This is a great cause though, glad to see Dave making a lot of money for some beautiful minis.


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