Saturday, 30 October 2010


Yesterday, we were trying to come up with a good BA/SW doubles list for a tournament at the end of November. I made the comment that we needed something balanced rather than the slightly crazy lists we were trying to come up with. This has led me to the following:

Blood Angels

Librarian, Shield of Sanguinius, another power (possibly the S10 one)

5 Assault Marines, Meltagun, Razorback, Twin-Linked Assault Cannon

5 Assault Marines, Lightning Claw, Meltagun, Razorback, Twin-Linked Assault Cannon

Furioso Dreadnought, Blood Talons, Heavy Flamer, Extra Armour, Drop Pod

Dreadnought, Twin-Linked Autocannon, Twin-Linked Autocannon

The libby goes with the unit without the Lightning Claw so that both units have a Power Weapon. He has Shield so that all of our vehicles can benefit from a 5+ save. The Dread Pods in on Turn 1 to either threaten enemy Heavy Weapon teams or hordes. The enemy will have to try and deal with the Dread and that should allow the rest of our army to move into position.

Space Wolves

Rune Priest, Chooser of the Slain, Living Lightning,

5 Grey Hunters, Plasma Gun, Rhino

5 Grey Hunters, Meltagun, Razorback, Twin-Linked Lascannon

5 Grey Hunters, Meltagun, Razorback, Twin-Linked Lascannon

Land Speeder Typhoon

6 Wolf Scouts, Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen

This half supplies the long range firepower while the Scouts go Behind Enemy Lines.

This army is definitely a lot more balanced and I'm a lot happier with 5 scoring units. I'm still not sure about the Razorback load-outs though. BA can do Las/Plas very well on their fast vehicles. Well, that's what playtesting is for...


  1. Me and a mate are also planning a BA/SW list for doubles. Where and when's the tournament? We could do with some playtesting too!

  2. I really like that list!

  3. It's in Mansfield on the 28th of November. Where is yours? What sort of list are you running?

  4. Yeah, it looks good on paper. I just hope it works on the battlefield!

  5. Do you know if there's spaces left? I'm talking about the GW doubles one in Feb. We're gonna try out a few ideas between now and then. I'm in Sheffield so Mansfield isn't too far...

  6. 4x4 table though, moving all those rhino chassis is going to be tricky :)

  7. I'm sure that there are. Andy put a post up the other day with links to the event (Freebootaz Open UK) It's a 2 day event with 1750 singles on Saturday and the 2x750 doubles on Sunday.

  8. What's with the negative waves Moriarty (5 points to anyone who gets the film reference)

    We don't need to move them, we just sit there, shoot and make a last turn objective dash. Man, I'd be an awesome Eldar player lol

  9. Donald Sutherland, Kelly's Heroes?

  10. 5 points for that man!

    My father, being the helpless romantic that he is, took my mother to see that at the cinema. She fell asleep!

  11. Plus the thing I really like about the Space Wolf half of the list - it's already painted :-)


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