Saturday, 2 October 2010


When I called Dave a baby seal, I didn't mean it as an insult. We've all been the new guy, learning the game and using the only models we have. I had hoped that I'd offered some useful advice after the game and subsequently on the blog although I never actually expected Dave to actually read the blog (in fact, I never really thought that anybody other than me and maybe Andy would actually read the blog) However, since I'm clearly an internet celebrity now, Dave has actually read the blog. Not only that but he has taken umbrage at the term, "baby seal". So, next Thursday we have the first ever Claws and Fists grudge match! My Open War list against 1750 points of Dave's Ultramarines. He's very kindly agreed to play one of the Open War missions (yeah, it's a real bad grudge!) so I might have to take down the articles I've put up explaining my general strategy for each one. Curse you internet for leaving me in this position!

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