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Guest Post: Da Bestest Orkz Part 2

Not content with writing one article about his favourite Orks and starting his own Anti-Ork Week, The Antipope has sent us a second article. Enjoy!


When it comes to the big guys I like to get one unit as Troops. Since my Elite slots are filled with Lootas (as should everyone's) I use the Warboss to take a Nobz unit as Troops. This makes them scoring which is obviously very good. Now, Nobz come in several varieties and, after playing with many different lists, I came to the conclusion that my favourite kind are the Biker ones. Normal Nobz or Meganobz will always require a vehicle if you want to get them stuck in combat fast enough. Since I don't recommend Trukks for anything, that means that you will have to spend points on a Battlewagon. The good news is that you can get one as a Dedicated Transport but it is still a lot of points and once it is gone they have lost their mobility.

So, Nob Bikers. The biggest mistake people make with these guys is making them too expensive. It is easy to give them too much equipment and make their cost very high. Considering they will be running with the Warboss you could end up with half of your points tied up in one unit. This is never a good idea since there are so many things that could go wrong with this set up. Putting all of your eggs into one basket springs to mind. My ideal number would be five. One with a Power Klaw, one with a Waaagh Banner, one with a Boss Pole, a Painboy and then a standard Nob. Be smart when playing with them, hide them behind LoS blocking terrain or Battlewagons. They don't need to charge on the second turn, especially if you are going to put them in harms way in order to do so. Keep them safe and have a good last few turns with them. They can go and claim Objectives and with a 24" Turbo Boost they can make a last turn grab. To me, the Nob Biker unit is more of a finesse unit rather than a sledgehammer.

Keep in mind that their shooting is nothing to laugh at either. When joined by the Warboss they can shoot 18 S5 Twin-Linked shots at 18". That should be enough to take out a small unit or an AV10 vehicle. If you think that there is going to be a lot of shooting coming their way then you can always Turbo Boost them for that 3+ cover save. Together with Feel No Pain and T5 they can withstand small arms fire easily.


I like to give mine a Power Klaw, Bike, Cybork Body and an Attack Squig. I then use him for 3 things -

Unlocking Nobz as a Troop choice. Even if this was all he did he would be worth every one of his 60 points.

Babysitting my Biker Nobz. They only have Leadership 7 so they need him or they will be falling back too easily.

Assault. He gets 6 S10 attacks on the charge which makes him a very effective anti-tank weapon with an 18" range. Sometimes I split him off from his unit and have him run after a vehicle while the Nobz charge a unit that they can handle on their own. He doesn't like Force Weapons or s10 hits so avoid them like the plague.


I like to run three of them filled with 20 bloodthirsty Boyz. 60 Boyz that can charge 22" is nothing to be sneezed at. I give them the Red Paint Job (that extra inch can make all the difference), a Big Shoota (so that they don't get Immobilised on the first Weapon Destryed roll), Boarding Plank (so that the Nobz can attack vehicles without having to disembark) and of course the Deffrolla. This little beauty is your best chance for destroying heavily armoured vehicles. D6 S10 hits can make even a Land Raider crumble. It's very handy for Tank Shocking as well. It's lethal against other Nob Bikers, Tyranid Warriors and generally any multi-wound units with average saves. So, keep your Battlewagons stripped down and use them as taxis. In my experience, blinged out versions don't work too well and you're much better off just using them as transports.

Big Mek

This guy is needed for a Battlewagon spam list to work well. Just give him a Kustom Force Field and stick him in a vehicle and you get a mobile 4+ cover save for any vehicles within 6". The larger the vehicle, the bigger the footprint of his ability is going to be so the obvious choice is to stick him in a Battlewagon. When I run three of them, he joins a unit of 19 Boyz and they sit in the middle 'wagon. Now all three benefit from that might 4+ save (just make sure that you keep the other two within 6") I also like to give him a Burna since he is the only model in the army that can have a weapon that ignores saves in combat that strikes at I4 (and S5 on the charge!) It's a very versatile weapon too since you can fire it as a Flamer in the shooting phase (ideal against weedy 'nid units)

I agree with the analysis of the Biker Nobz. For me they should be more like Thunderwolf Cavalry - a mop up unit. Are there any units that The Antipope has missed out in his review? Does anyone actually like Flash Gitz?

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  1. Mop up unit, interesting term (although I don't quite grasp it).
    Thanks for posting my article again guys, even thought I thought my anti-ork article would cut your momentum :P
    I never used flash gits but to be honest they sound awful on paper.


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