Saturday, 9 October 2010

Mr. Lonely

I was talking in this post about trying to find the right weapons load out for my Lone Wolf. So, here's the original guy I've been using:

Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield, very potent combo.
However, t'internet seems to favour Chainfist & Storm Shield and the more I think about it the more useful that could possibly be. Hence, last night I had a go at modelling a Lone Wolf with those weapons:

I'm really happy with the way he's turned out even though he doesn't look quite as cool at the Thunder Hammer guy. I do love the Space Wolf Terminator box set though, it's so easy to make good looking miniatures with it. Even though it's sub-optimal, I'm really tempted to have a full Logan Grimnar Terminator army.
Anyway, should I go with the wisdom of crowds or the rule of cool? I like both miniatures so I suppose there's only one way to decide - Fight!


  1. As I said before I think chaifist is the better options. That is just my opinion though, I had no idea that the Internet said so too. Just seems much more likely to kill a vehicle than a MC. I just imagine the Lone Wolf running amok in my lines picking off my vehicles one by one. And I would have to commit a lot of fire power if I wanted to kill him due to 2+ and 3++ saves and Eternal Warrior. Against AV 10 you are guaranteed to penetrate with the chainfist and most other vehicles would be very scared of it too.

  2. I agree although I'm more than capable of rolling snake eyes and only glancing lol

  3. Ah well at least your chances improve significantly. If you had the thunder hammer then 1/3 of your rolls wouldn't be penetrating. I think the LW would be much happier running around tanks and positioning himshelf where he is not going to be seen in the opponents shooting phase (if you imobilise, stun or wreck the vehicle).

  4. My girlfriend has decided that she prefers the Chainfist guy so that's that decision made.

  5. I really like the look of the model with the Chain Fist too, I always thought it would look a bit wierd but now you've made one he deffinitely looks cool enough to pass muster!


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