Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The joy of magnets

One of the beauties of the space wolf box set it the options is comes with. Thunder Hammers, frost axes, power swords, storm bolters, plasma guns anything and everything a blood claw claw could dream of but it also leads to a major issue. How to make all the options readily available. The answer is simple if not a little fiddly, magnets. I must warn you before you read on once you start magnetising your army you won't know when to stop.

Rare earth magnets really appeal to the science teacher in me, did you know you can get liquid magnets, they are awesome however I digress. I have been buying my magnets from here for the last 6 months and I find the 2mm x 1mm circular neodymium to work best for arm swaps.

You will also need
A hobby drill
A 2mm drill bit
Super Glue
and the key to the whole thing accelerant.

Acclerant for those who haven't used it before is a truly fantastic product. You apply it to one piece, apply super glue to another and hey presto you get an instant bond. I buy mine from Arcane Scenery.

Step 1
Quite an easy one, stick your body together and then drill holes into the positions where you would normally attach the arms. Drill slowly so there is only a thin layer of plastic remaining normally you will hear a slight crack and stop.

Step 2
Put a drop of glue into the hole and with the magnets still in a roll as shown in image one apply some accelerant to the end magnet. Put the magnet into the hole.

An instantaneous bond will form and this will allow you to easily identify the opposite pole of the magnet.

Step 3
Drill a hole into the item of war gear you want to attach (in this case a wolf claw) repeat step two using the opposite end of the roll of the magnets. Its easy to recheck by seeing which end will attract the body

And so the finished product.

I hope you found that valuable and I apologise for the quality of my photos David Bailey I am not.


  1. Nice tutorial Mike and thanks for the links :)

  2. I'll second the call that magnets can really stretch the more flexible kits GW is putting out right now, I've got all the arms on my terminators magnetised and have also done so on a lot of my tanks so that they can play dual roles.

    One thing I've done is great a little "magnet grabber" with some spare green stuff I had, one for the body side, one for the weapon side. Using them to pick up individual magnets and always using the body one to put magnets into a models body and vice versa I have completely flexible loadouts on all models and can swap bits from all the different sets I have.

  3. Great tutorial. I'll have to try it out myself. Thanks for posting it.


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