Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Killin' Teem

This is my first army list for Ork Week. Now, writing a list for Orks for Kill Team should be pretty easy, just take loads of Boyz. For 200 points you can get two squads of 15 Slugga Boyz both with a Nob. Since you're supposed to play on a board with lots of cover these guys would be pretty hard to beat. You've got to kill 15 Orks before you start taking any leadership tests. However, it's a bit dull, I want to take more than just some regular Boyz. One of my favourite units in the Codex are Burna Boyz. These take away the Ork's main problem - low BS. You're also negating those cover saves we just talked about plus they can also have Power Weapons once they get into combat. Let's take five of them and see what else we can take:

5 Burna Boyz

10 Slugga Boyz, Nob, Power Klaw

That only leaves 30 points and I really wanted to take a Deffkopta. If we drop the Klaw down to a Big Choppa we can fit in our Deffkopta and add another Burna Boy leaving us with:

6 Burna Boyz

10 Slugga Boyz, Nob, Big Choppa


for our 200 points.

As always with Orks, timing your Waaagh is key but on a 4x4 board you should be able to pull off a Turn 2 or 3 charge. In fact the 'kopta should be able to get stuck in on Turn 1.


  1. Mmmmm how do LD work in Kill Team?

  2. Once you've lost half of your total models you take a LD test against the surviving model with the highest LD. You then take a test every turn subtracting 1 from your LD for each subsequent test. If you fail a test you lose the game.

    The thing that worries me about Orks, especially when they're on their own, is that low Initiative. In a mob it doesn't matter so much as you have numbers.


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