Thursday, 7 October 2010


I'm on a pretty bad run at the minute. After coming last in successive games of Space Crusade, I've lost two games of 40K, one as the Wolves and one as Orks. As if that weren't bad enough, tonight is my big grudge game. Right, it's time to get back to basics and remember what my army is good at - shooting and counter assaulting. I need to set up situations where I can out range Dave and cause enough casualties with my shooting so that my MSU squads are on mop up duty. On turn 1 I have two Twin-Linked S9 shots, 2 S9 shots, 8 S8 shots and D6 S7 shots at up to 7 targets. Then, on come the Vindi and the Assault Cannon Razorbacks to finish off at shorter range. Don't spread out too much and concentrate on one part of the enemy army at a time.

I'm posting this as a last minbute reminder of what I should actually be doing in the hope of listening to myself. We'll see how that goes...


  1. Well at least you got the bad games out of the way now. You can only go upwards from this point. Rather having some bad rolls or make some bad decisions on a friendly game than the big tournament.

  2. One day I'm going to have some hot dice and win a game by Turn 2 lol


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