Saturday, 23 October 2010

I choose you

Here it is then, my 'secret project', a Chooser of the Slain:CotSIt's one of the Servo Skulls from the Devastator box :-)


  1. This will haunt my dreams tonight :P
    Is the tournament ,like, tommorow? And you guys are not sleeping yet? :o

  2. I shall sleep only when the winner's trophy is in my grasp! Although I might grab a quick 6 hour 'power nap' first :-)

  3. Ah, damn, I am already stressing out about getting no sleep for tommorows game in the FLGS (plus I am under the weather). I wouldn't want to be in your shoes :P Althought I've spent the night before tournament painting my miniature until 4am on countless occasions :P


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