Saturday, 30 October 2010

Journal for Plague Lovers

So, a quick recap. Game 1, lots of high toughness Troops with Feel No Pain. Game 2, lots of Land Raiders. What could game 3 possibly bring? Ah yes, lots of high toughness Troops with Feel No Pain IN Land Raiders. This time it was Matt's Death Guard Chaos Space Marine army. No offense to the other armies I aced but I think that Matt's was definitely the best painted of the three I played:

Matt's list:
2 x Daemon Prince
2 x 7 Plague Marines, Flamer, Power Fist
2 x 7 Plague Marines, 2 x Meltagun, Power Fist, Rhino
2 x Land Raider
Once again I win the roll off to go first but I try passing it over this time. Looking back this probably wasn't the best idea as I robbed myself a turn of shooting at unsmoked Land Raiders although in my defence I forgot that Chaos Space Marines didn't get Power of the Machine Spirit so I didn't think the Raiders would smoke. The main reason I did it is because I think I'm more of a reactive player rather than a proactive one and because I was hoping to make a last turn dive for Matt's deployment zone. In the end it was another tense game, I would probably just have nicked it if it had ended after turn five but Matt managed to get a squad of Plague Marines into my deployment zone on turn 6 while my Lone Wolf was about an inch away from his.
So, where did this one go wrong? Well, my deployment was good and I managed to demech those pesky Plague Marines quite quickly. The main problem was those two Daemon Princes flying around ripping stuff up left, right and centre. I also made two stupid mistakes. Firstly my Lone Wolf spent about three full turns trying to kill an immobilised Land Raider with his Chainfist. Not once in that time did I move him out of contact with the vehicle on my turn so that he could re-assault and gain another attack. He could potentially have finished it off quicker and then actually got down to the business of killing Plague Marines. Secondly, and even more stupidly I charged a Daemon Prince with my Rune Priest. I figured that with a couple of lucky dice rolls I could take him out. How wrong I was. The Priest and his squad were in Difficult and Dangerous Terrain after their Rhino exploded and I could see that they would get charged by the Prince next turn. However, I could have broken the Priest off from his squad and used his moved through cover to get to some Plague Marines that were the other side of the terrain. Then the squad could have Rapid Fired at the same squad. Living Lightning to follow and then a charge whereby the Priest gets to re-roll his misses. Oh and the fact I kept getting four hits a turn with both of my Assault Cannon Razorbacks but I never got more that two wounds (on 3+) but I can't blame the dice for my own tactical shortcomings.
Man of the match for me? Hard to say, everyone did okay and no-one really stood out.

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